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A Warrior Woman for WAR

South Africa has previously been labelled the rape capital of the world. Some statisticians estimate that one in three South African women have been raped or will be raped.

Lily Reed became that one in three on the 23rd August 2012 when she was gang-raped, robbed and beaten by twelve armed men during a home invasion in Malawi.

Her six year-old daughter and her partner’s nine year-old son were held hostage to witness the events of that night.

In her book The Dark Seed, she writes about the brutal home invasion – rape fest and robbery – as though she were describing a battle.

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Face to Face with Sheila Kohler

Jani Allan ventured into the pretty town of Princeton, New Jersey and came FACE TO FACE with South African-born author, Sheila Kohler. 

Sheila and I arrange to meet at Dinky’s on Princeton campus.

Sheila’s memoir ‘Once We Were Sisters’ has been described by Joyce Carol Oates as “a beautiful and tragic tale with echoes of cultural sexism and misogyny.” 

South African-born author, Sheila Kohler.

JM Coetzee notes that “the most striking parts of this rich and poignant memoir…reflect on the necessary cruelty of the writer’s art, sacrificing the truth of the world to the truth of fiction.’

Others speak of the book being viscerally compelling and intensely personal. 

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