Freelance writing 

I have recently published columns for a wide variety of South African publications including Fair Lady, The Daily Maverick, De Kat, The Witness, BizNews, The Big Issue South Africa and Eyewitness News.

As a freelance journalist in London I published columns for leading publications such as The Sunday Times, The Spectator, The Sunday Express and the Daily Mail. 

I am also an experienced interviewer, having published a ten-year interview column at the Sunday Times in Johannesburg. I am able to provide the following writing services:

  • Opinion columns
  • Interviews
  • Personality profiles
  • Travel features
  • Professional reviews (books, music, art)
  • Speechwriting
  • Obituaries
  • Ghostwriting

Speaking engagements

My role as a public speaker began in the 1970s as a History of Art lecturer in Johannesburg. As a columnist at the Sunday Times I gave many talks discussing my career. I recently gave talks in support of my memoirs, Jani Confidential  reflecting on the social, political and cultural context of apartheid South Africa. I commit myself fully to my role as an animals right advocate – a field I have been focusing on for the past two decades. I am also keen to inspire other women – to encourage them to escape the cycle of abuse that I survived during a tumultuous second marriage. I am available to provide talks in both the United States and South Africa. I have recently completed speaking engagements for the following clients:

  • University of Johannesburg
  • Cape Town Press Club
  • Exclusive Books
  • Great Park Synagogue, Johannesburg
  • Adele Searll 100 Club, Mount Nelson Hotel
  • Gorry Bowes-Taylor/Wordsworth literary lunch
  • The Big Issue South Africa

Radio and television appearances

I am a former talk-show presenter, having presented my own radio show on Cape Talk (1997-2000). I recently made promotional guest appearances on Cape Talk, Talk Radio 702, Jacaranda FM, Classic FM and SABC’s 5FM.

I have made several television appearances on SABC throughout my career. I recently appeared on eNCA, KykNET and Fox News.

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11 Responses to Services

  1. Miemsie says:

    Welcome back, Jani Allan. May God bless you, you brave, amusing, talented and fun survivor. Glad to hear you enjoyed your Birthday. Take care, Miems.

  2. Miemsie says:

    Hello Jani. I’ve just read your thoughts on FRIENDS – how well you expressed your sentiments!
    Remembering back to how you treated you miniature Pom, little Miss Tiggy in the Clifton days, and having been one of her “Godmothers” those years ago, I can say with all sincerity that I’ve not known anyone who took “motherhood” more seriously! Molly, Breeze and China are very blessed to have you taking such good care of them and you are very blessed to have them in your life. May you continue to enjoy them and the pleasure they give you for years to come. When it comes to human friends, however, remain cautious, friend!
    Wishing you Love, Peace and Joy in Him. Miemsie. ♥

  3. Betty says:

    Where can I sign the petition against Kendall?

  4. Kevin cullen says:

    Please keep me on your email

  5. David Hall-Green says:

    Hi Jani

    Tried to contact you on this site some days ago, but maybe there was a problem. Would love to make contact after so many years, and a lot of water under the bridge.

  6. abrham nel says:

    i would like to sign up via e mail to this column but cannot find a link. you are inspirational and your take on south africa is nice and frech. perhaps time and distance create insight. sorry i see in finishing the comment info that the link is there. tx.

  7. Donna Africa says:

    Dear Jani my koeksister!

    Just a wee suggestion Jani – I see you do not have a website shop on this website – It would be great for the fans to be able to buy your book and personalised signed posters in your website shop.

    With Luv, Light and Liberty!
    Your Donna Africa xx

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