Making a mockery at Mandela’s memorial



From the far side of the world I watch with open-mouthed disbelief. You can’t make this stuff up.

The world’s focus is on South Africa. The world is mourning the passing of a great man.

The gravitas of the occasion knows no precedent.

Therefore how deeply insulting to the world that the ANC hires Thamsanqa Jantjie, a  faux signer to stand a few feet away from Obama!

There is only one thing more preposterous than a corrupt African leader. That is the exaggerated respect accorded him by the West.


Obama has been surrounded by a 24/7 Secret Service detail beginning in the spring of 2007, months after he announced his run. He received Secret Service protection earlier than any other candidate in history because of what is euphemistically referred to as “the historic nature of the campaign” (i.e., the fact that he is a black guy).

Now most people know very little about the Secret Service; they just picture the instantly recognizable image of a fireplug of a man wearing an ill-fitting suit with an earpiece. In theory, the fireplug of a man is willing to sacrifice his life for his protectee.

Scout Tufankjian a photographer with Polaris Images in her book, Yes We Can , documented her two years covering the Obama campaign.

Says Scout over of the course of the campaign, ”I got to know many of the agents quite well. In fact, it sometimes felt like traveling with the 40 or so older brothers and sisters I had never wanted: They were nosy and overprotective and fun to be around. I came away from this experience deeply impressed by their skill and professionalism. ”

”People would come up to Obama as he was shaking hands and express their concerns, nakedly expressing the fear that he might be assassinated. He would always brush their words aside, saying that he had the best security in the world. And he is right. They often seemed invisible in plain sight, but they were always there and always watching…”

So how can it happen that the leader of the free world is rendered as vulnerable as an opened oyster?

Let me explain why.

So eager is the world to believe that the ANC has ushered in a democracy where first world standards of accountability are employed, that they don’t challenge the status quo.

They assume that Number One (surely Number Two is a more fitting title? – but I digress) has in place an infrastructure that isn’t based on cronyism and nepotism.
The ANC is a shambolic party . No one is held-accountable for anything. It starts with Jacob Zuma doing as he pleases and then there is a trickle down effect.

MP’s buying take-outs that cost as much as a small family car are amusing to read about. So is a crazy signer.

Consider this:

Obama’s limousine – dubbed “The Beast” or “Cadillac One” – has such heavy armour that the car reportedly weighs 7.5 tons. The armour includes 8-inch plates capable of stopping an improvised explosive device, or IED, and 5-inch multi-layer windows that make the doors as heavy as those on a 757 jet. The car is sealed against biochemical attacks.

Although details of the presidential limo are classified for security reasons, various reports say that it features James Bond-style options, including a night vision system. It also carries communications gear and, in the trunk, a blood bank matching the president’s type.

So how can it happen that the leader of the free world is rendered as vulnerable as an opened oyster?

There are nations, some sage once said, which pass from prosperity to squalor….not only in silence but with serenity.

The face still smiles while the limbs, literally and loathsomely, are dropping from the body. These are peoples that have lost the power of astonishment at the own actions. When they birth a foolish law, they do not start of stare at the monster they have brought forth. They have grown used to their own reason. Chaos is their cosmos. These nations are really in danger of going off their heads en masse; of becoming one vast vision of imbecility….

It was difficult this week, not to believe that South Africa is one such vision.

Certainly tragedy gave way to high farce as the signer was ridiculed on America’s top TV talk shows.

Jantjie, who seems to have a sinister and colourful background, has been enabled by the deep incompetence of the ruling party.

What a mockery this BS artist has made of the funeral of the century.

How very insulting the ANC is.

They insulted world leaders.

They insulted the hearing impaired.

And more than anything they insulted the memory of Mandela.