Dear Jani
Most Sunday mornings I join a group of friends at Emmarentia Dam where we take our dogs for a walk. Recently, however, upon arrival at the dam, I realise I have forgotten to bring the dog (his name is Eddie). When I return home, he is sullen and has that FMO look about him. How can I reassure Eddie that forgetfulness does not mean a lack of love?
Highlands North

Dear Elaine
Forgetting a dog is a serious offence in  my books. If you forgot your wife, for example, you could make good by buying her a bunch of roses … which I personally am not crazy about – being a St Joseph’s Lily person – but Eddie is more of a challenge. Give him lots and lots of puppy-kisses, tummy tickles and chest scratches. I am told that there is nothing more lovely to a fur baby than those.
One of the marvellous things about dogs is that unlike co-workers or spouses they do not bear grudges for long.
Shame on you. Go to your bedroom and stay. Think about what you have done to the angel in your care! Sit!